How to Sew a Snap Pouch with a Vinyl Window: Free Sewing Pattern

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Learn how to sew a small snap wallet with a clear vinyl window on the back. This easy sewing pattern for a snap pouch is the perfect size to hold cards up to 3’’ x 4’’. The vinyl window on the back of the holder lets you easily see the information on any card you wish to show. There’s a snap closure to keep your cards from falling out. This is also a great project to sew with your fabric scraps!

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This blog post has been converted to an optional PDF that’s optimized for printing. Find it here. The instructions that follow contain everything you will need to make the Snap Pouch with a Vinyl Window and it is totally free to read, print, and sew! Just hit CTRL +P on your computer to print. The formatted-for-printing PDF download for $3 is totally optional.

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You can use this little wallet to carry all your cards and let your ID show through the back. It’s big enough to hold a vaccination card as well. The pouch is thin and lightweight so it doesn’t take up a lot of room in your purse.

vaccine card wallet 3.jpg

The pouch closes with a snap and looks pretty from the front. Its handy 4’’ x 5’’ size means that you could use it for carrying playing cards, a verse that you want to memorize, or a small first aid kit.

This tutorial also includes a small d-ring on the side in case you want to attach it to a lanyard or the inside of your purse.


Don’t be worried about sewing on vinyl! This is the easiest thing to sew that I have ever designed using vinyl and you can also check out my tips for sewing on vinyl.

If you are going to buy new vinyl from the fabric or craft store, I suggest 12-16 gauge. When I was making this wallet, I decided to recycle the package from a sheet set that I saved – so I cut a 3 1/2’’ x 5’’ piece from that.

Are you ready?

Let’s sew a snap pouch with a vinyl window!

You will need:

  • less than 1/8 yard of fabric
  • a piece of vinyl 3 1/2’’ x 5’’
  • 2’’ of ribbon or twill tape that is 1/2’’ wide (optional)
  • a d-ring with a 1/2’’ opening (optional – mine came in a kit like this)
  • The parts for one plastic snap (I use Kam Snaps, but I replaced my setting tool with the Dritz brand after I lost it. I found them to be interchangeable)
  • Wondertape – optional but very helpful


Print the templates at 100%, do not enlarge or reduce

For your reference, the flap template is 3’’ x 5 1/2’’ and the lower piece template is 4 1/2’’ x 5 1/2’’. If you prefer you may skip the template for the lower pieces and simply use a ruler and rotary cutter.

From your fabric scraps, cut:

  • 2 from the flap template
  • 2 rectangles 4 1/2’’ x 5 1/2’’ from the lower piece template

From your vinyl, cut:

  • 1 rectangle 3 1/2’’ x 5’’

Sew the Outer Pieces of the Wallet

1. Cut or tear off a piece of Wondertape that is 5’’ long. Adhere it to one long edge of the vinyl piece.

2. Turn the vinyl over and adhere the top edge to the long edge of one of the fabric rectangles. The long edge of the vinyl is 5’’, and the long edge of the fabric is 5 1/2’’ – so center the vinyl along the edge of the fabric.

The vinyl should be placed against the right side of the fabric rectangle.

Note: if you prefer not to use Wondertape, you may use clips to secure the top edge of the vinyl against the top edge of the fabric with the vinyl centered on the fabric.

3. Sew the fabric and vinyl together along the long edge with a 1/4’’ seam allowance.

For me, it is easier to sew with the fabric on top and the vinyl against my sewing machine, but you may sew it either way. See my tips for sewing on vinyl for more information.


4. Finger-press the fabric away from the vinyl along the seam, or press lightly using a press cloth to prevent your iron from touching the vinyl.

Then apply another 5’’ piece of Wondertape to the remaining long edge of the vinyl.

5. Turn it over and adhere the vinyl face down against the right side of a flap piece.

The 5’’ edge of the vinyl should be centered along the 5 1/2’’ straight edge of the flap piece.

6. Stitch with a 1/4’’ seam allowance.

Make and Attach the D-Ring Tab (Optional)

1. Push the 2’’ piece of ribbon through the d-ring and fold with the raw edges together. Stitch the ends together a scant 1/4’’ from the edges.

2. Place the d-ring tab on the lower part of the wallet, with the raw edges even with the side of the wallet about 1/2’’ or more above the lower edge. Pin.

3. Sew the d-ring tab to the lower part of the wallet, sewing a scant 1/4’’ away from the edge.


Sew the Lining Pieces of the Wallet

1. On the remaining fabric pieces, fold one long edge of the rectangle and the long straight edge of the flap piece to the wrong side by 1/4’’ and press.

2. Place the rectangle right sides together against the lower part of the wallet, with the pressed edge even with the seam on the vinyl. Pin.


3. Using a 1/4’’ seam allowance, sew around the three raw edges on the fabric rectangle, leaving the folded edge open for turning.

4. Place the remaining flap piece right sides together against the upper part of the wallet, with the pressed edge even with the seam on the vinyl. Pin.

5. Using a 1/4’’ seam allowance, sew around the curved edge on the flap, leaving the folded edge open for turning.


6. For a more professional finish, trim away the extra fabric at the lower corners and cut notches around the curved seam on the flap. I used my pinking shears to cut lots of notches in a snap.

7. Turn the wallet flap and bottom parts right side out and press carefully using a pressing cloth whenever you are near the vinyl. Do not let your iron touch the vinyl!

8. Close the openings by topstitching about 1/8’’ away from the vinyl on both sides.

Also topstitch 1/8’’ away from the remaining long edge on the lower piece.


Finish Sewing the Wallet and Add Snaps

1. Fold the lower part of the wallet up over the vinyl until the bottom edge meets the lower edge of the flap. Secure the sides with clips (not pins – they would holes in the vinyl).

Tip: Before folding the wallet, both sides should look pretty much the same. You may choose to fold the wallet from either side, depending on which side you would like the d-ring tab to be.

2. Topstitch around the wallet in a U-shape starting at one bottom edge near one corner, sewing up one side, around the flap, and then sewing down the other side and ending at the bottom edge at the opposite corner. Make sure to backstitch to secure.


3. Use a pencil to mark placement of the snap pieces.

One half of the snap should be placed on the flap, centered and 3/4’’ away from the curved edge.

The other half of the snap should be placed on the front pocket, centered and 3/4’’ below the top edge.

Note: You may place the second half of the snap 7/8’’ below the top edge of the pocket if you wish the pouch to close a little bit tighter.

4. Use a snap setting tool to install the snaps according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

vaccine card wallet 2.jpg

Fill your little snap pouch with anything you like!f

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Happy sewing,


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