Pretty Swallowtail Bunting – free sewing pattern for birthdays and holidays!


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Make birthdays, holidays, and any days special with a pretty fabric bunting! This free sewing pattern is so fast and easy you’ll be able to make a bunch in almost no time at all. Plus there’s no hand sewing, yay!

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Here’s a step by step photo tutorial plus a downloadable template so read on…

Swallowtail Bunting by Crafty Staci for SewCanShe 2.JPG

This pretty bunting designed by Crafty Staci has an interesting shape but is still simple to make using all your favorite holiday fabrics.

It also makes a great background for applique or machine embroidery.

Each flag measures 7” tall and 6 ½” wide.

Use a bunch to say something special!

1. Supplies for bunting.JPG

To make the Swallowtail Bunting you’ll need:

  • lots of coordinating cotton fabrics in 8’’x9’’ pieces or larger

  • fusible mid-weight interfacing (such as Pellon SF101)

  • twine, cord, or string for hanging your bunting

Download the free Swallowtail Bunting Cutting Template here.

2. Flags cut from fabric and interfacing.JPG

1. For each flag in your bunting, cut 2 fabric pieces and 1 interfacing piece using the downloadable cutting template (see the link just above the picture).

3. Interfacing fused to fabric.JPG

2. Fuse the interfacing to the wrong side of one fabric piece.

3. Pin the two fabric flag pieces right sides together.

5. Clip points.JPG

4. Stitch a ¼” seam around the edges, leaving 2 ½” open at the top.

Clip off all points and clip into the seam at the bottom center of the flag.

6. Turn flag right side out.JPG

5. Turn the flag right side out. Push the corners out with a pointy tool.

7. Press and turn in opening.JPG

6.. Press the flag flat – turning the raw edges of the opening to the inside and pressing those also.

8. Turn edge to front.JPG

7. Fold the top edge over to the front by 1’’ and press.

9. Stitch close to inner edge.JPG

8. Stitch the folded part down close to the edge, closing the opening at the same time.

9. Make as many swallowtail flags as you need to reach the length you’d like your bunting.

10. Cut the twine or string long enough to string through all flags, plus extra for hanging.

Feed the cord through the casings using a bodkin or large safety pin..

Hang it up and be merry!


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