Puffy Felt Star – Free Sewing Pattern


Sew an adorable, chunky, puffy felt star! It’s super easy and I’m about to show you how.


When I finished my Quilted Christmas Tree wall hanging (free sewing pattern), I realized that it still needed something – a star!

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Luckily I had some pretty yellow felt on hand and it was easy to make this cute star.

All you need is one 9’’x12’’ piece of felt (I recommend a beautiful wool blend felt if you can) and polyester fiberfill for stuffing (this is the kind I like).



Use my Free Star Template and cut out two pieces from the sheet of felt. It’s a tight fit, so place your star in one corner close to the edges for the first cut.



1. Use a scrap of felt to test the stitches on your sewing machine and adjust one until it looks perfect for around the edges of your star.

I decided to use the blanket stitch on my sewing machine and you can see that I adjusted the length and width until it looked good (the stitches on the left).

If your sewing machine doesn’t have a fancy stitch that you like, you can just use a straight stitch, sewing 1/8’’ from the edge.


2. Place the two pieces of felt together (pin if desired) and use the stitch you picked to sew most of the way around the star.

Leave about 4’’ open for stuffing the star with fiberfill.


3. Use a fabric marking pen (such as a  Frixion pen) to draw a 1 1/4’’ x 1/4’’ rectangle in the center of the star.


4. Stuff some fiberfill into the points of the star that are on the other side past the rectangle you drew.

Don’t stuff it too full, you still need to sew around the rectangle.


5. Use a short straight stitch to stitch around the rectangle (right on the line) 2 times. Backstitch neatly.

6. Lightly stuff the rest of the star with fiberfill. Don’t make it so full that you can’t sew the star closed.

7. Return to your desired stitch and sew the opening in the star closed.

After this I used the tip of my warm iron to touch the center of the star a few times and ‘erase’ the Frixion pen markings.


8. Use a surgical seam ripper and/or small sharp scissors to cut an opening inside the stitched rectangle.

You can now attach your puffy felt star to your Quilted Christmas Tree or anywhere else!

Happy Sewing,

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