How to Sew a Cute Llama Stuffie: Free sewing pattern


Sew the cutest llama around with my free sewing pattern! This easy stuffed animal is fun to embellish with leftover trims such as pom poms, ric rac, fringe, or ribbon. The saddle and llama face are appliques which are fused in place and then stitched down.


This free sewing pattern works with lots of different types of fabric, but I used felt because it’s easy to work with and comes in fabulous colors.

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If you decide to use quilting cotton or another thin fabric, then I suggest applying a layer of fusible interfacing (such as Pellon SF101) on your llama body pieces so that any lumps in the stuffing don’t show.

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To Make This Llama Stuffie, you will need:

  • 1/4 yard craft felt (or 2 pieces at least 11 1/2’’ x 13’’) for the llama body – or other fabric (see above)

  • scraps of felt in various colors for the applique pieces

  • 1/4 yard iron-on adhesive such as HeatnBond lite

  • polyfill stuffing*

  • ric rac, fringe, pom poms, or other fun trimmings (optional)

  • pins

  • Wonderclips (optional but useful)

  • chopstick or turning tool

*Tip: If you don’t have polyfil stuffing on hand, you can substitute fabric scraps or even cut up plastic grocery bags (they will make a crinkly sound).


Download the Llama Stuffie Templates here and print at 100%.


1. Cut out the llama head and llama body pieces along the lines. Tape the head to the body as seen above.

Do not cut out the templates on the last page – they are for tracing.


2. Pin the llama template to felt or fabric and cut around it.


Repeat one more time to get 2 llama shapes.


If your felt is the same on both sides (like mine) then you don’t have to worry about cutting out one piece as a reverse image – you can simply turn the second piece over.

If your felt is not the same on both sides or you are using fabric, make sure that you are cutting one with the template right side up, and the second with the template right side down.


3. Trace the templates from the last page onto the paper side of the iron-on fusible adhesive.

Cut out each individual shape, leaving about 1/4’’ of paper and adhesive around each one.


Choose which color of felt each piece will be.


4. Press lightly to fuse the adhesive side of each template to the felt (or the wrong side of your fabric).


5. Cut out each piece along the lines and remove the paper backing.


6. Place each applique piece on the llama front and press thoroughly to make sure that it is stuck in place.

Tip: If you are having trouble fusing your applique pieces, try steam and ironing from the back.


Continue until each applique piece is fused to the llama body.

Sewing the Applique Pieces and Embellishments

1. Stitch around each applique piece using matching thread.


You can use a straight stitch 1/8’’ from the edge like I did, or experiment with the different stitches on your sewing machine. If you have it, the blanket stitch would look really cute here too!

These peices could also be hand sewn in place instead.


2. After attaching all of the applique pieces, sew pieces of trim to the saddle, if desired.

On my brown llama, I sewed ric rac around the edge of the smaller saddle piece.

On my cream colored llama, I sewed fringe around the larger saddle piece.

Be creative and use scraps of trim any way that you like!


3. If you want to sew on pom poms, thread a needle with a double length of thread and knot the ends.

Draw the thread up from the back in the spot where you want to sew the first pom pom.

Push the needle through the pom pom, catching just enough of the center so that you can sew it on securely.

Then push the needle back down through the llama body in the same spot.

Repeat to take one more stitch through the pom pom to make it secure, if needed.

Make a knot on the back.


Bring the needle up at the next spot where you want to sew a pom pom.

Repeat the previous steps to sew on the second pom pom.

Sew on as many pom poms as you like in the same way. As you can see from the back of my brown llama, I sewed on 3 pom poms.

Sew the Llama Together

1. Place the llama front and back pieces together, right sides facing. Pin all the way around.

click to enlarge


2. Sew all the way around the llama with a 1/4’’ seam allowance. leave a 4’’ opening on the front leg for turning the stuffie right side out.

3. Use small scissors to cut small clips at all the inside corners. Trim away the extra fabric at the outer points (like the ears). Cut v-shaped notches around the outer curves (hills). Cut clips to the stitching at all the inner curves (valleys).

Be careful not to cut the stitching while you are making all of these clips and notches.


4. Turn the stuffie right side out through the opening at the front leg.

Use a chopstick or turning tool to push out all the small parts.


5. Insert small pieces of polyfill through the opening and push it into the small places using the chopstick. Continue stuffing the llama until it is as firm as you like it.


6. Turn the edges at the opening to the inside. Use Wonderclips or pins to secure.

7. Hand sew the opening closed.


Have fun sewing llamas!

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