Show Off Saturday… a little bag that was SOOO easy!


This week I decided to sew a little bag for carrying my big DSLR camera.

Yes, I have one of those big ugly camera bags with places for extra lenses and batteries and all that stuff. But I’m not a professional photographer so I don’t want all that when I go out.

All I wanted was a little bag that I can carry my camera in when I’m out with my family.


This was what I was thinking when I set out to make this easy little bag:

  • It had to be FAST and EASY!

  • I wanted to use foam stabilizer to make it pretty, cushy, and quilted.

  • I wanted to use one or two of my fat quarters from FIGO.

And I did it! Can you believe this little bag has no unfinished seams and also no binding inside or out?

The straps are disproportionately long compared to the body of the bag. I did that on purpose because I wanted to be able to easily pick up and carry the bag with my big camera inside.

So I sacrificed aesthetics for function. I try not to do that very often.


And now I have a darling, cushy, little bag that I can grab-and-go with my big camera inside!

Would you like to have a tutorial for this little bag? Or would you rather have me make a larger version to share with you? I could easily add a zipper or magnetic snap closures. And maybe even an exterior pocket.

Let me know in the comments what you think!


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  1. Katrina Lee says:

    I would love a tutorial for this bag! I have the same issue with my dslr! A quilted bag would be perfect!

  2. Sandy Osborne says:

    The cushy little bag looks so cute, but I would need a bigger one. Love this site and the patterns you put on here.

  3. Shari Herrold says:

    Would love the little bag and also instructions for a bigger one.
    Thank you for offering.
    Shari…North Carolina

  4. Laura Long says:

    Would love a tutorial for the bag with a larger size option. I. AM. IN. LOVE. Happy New Year!!

  5. Love the little bag just like it is! Very cute! You make so many cute things (little mini baskets). I love your videos! You make it look so doable!

  6. Raylene Bailor says:

    The bag is perfect for a camera. Measurements for this size would be nice.

  7. Karen Bull says:

    Love the look of this little bag!!! Having a putter pocket and a zipper on it would be great.

  8. Would love a tutorial for a camera bag! I’ve needed a bag for my DSLR camera forever, but didn’t want a traditional camera bag. I’d vote for the smaller version 🙂

  9. I would love to see a tutorial for this little bag for your camera – maybe with different sizes of straps. Thank you for all your great tutorials!

  10. I NEED the pattern for your camera bag!!!! I l-o-v-e it…………multipurpose too!

  11. Gene Judge says:

    The cute little tote is darling. And, because you asked, yes, please: a tutorial for a larger version—with a zipper—would be so appreciated! One with a recessed zipper, Caroline. Those make a bag look like the stitcher REALLLY knows what she’s doing! And many thanks, Caroline. As ever!

  12. Patricia Bendell says:

    I would love a tutorial of this bag small and larger!

  13. Hello and Happy new year from Argentina. yes, thanks, would love a tutorial on the small bag with no binding, something one can make in a flash to carry odds and ends in.
    Many thanks

  14. This little bag is darling just as it is! I am thinking my dd would love one for her dslr camera.

  15. I would like the larger option as I often carry things that are breakable and this would help cushion. Great idea!

  16. Cheryl Bird says:

    I would love it if you would take the time to make a tutorial of the bag. Preferably with a zipper top. Thank you!

  17. Love it! I’d love a tutorial with a zipper as I have been known to flip a bag and have its contents spill out!

  18. What a super cute bag!! I think a tutorial would be great – big and/or small. Thank you for your tutorials and beautiful smile. I’ve learned so much from you!! Happy New Year!

  19. Love your camera bag!! (I make all your tutorials) so yes I’d like one in many sizes. I’ll use it for my Router, and other tools since I only carry my Iphone camera now. Thanks for all your sewing inspirations!

  20. I would love to make several for holding birthday party favors for my granddaughters. Thanks

  21. Mary Roberts says:

    I too would like a tutorial as it would be perfect for my camera which I rarely take out.

  22. Carol Domenick says:

    I would love a tutorial for this bag. It’s adorable and I’m thinking maybe as a gift bag for lotions, lip gloss, etc. larger sizes would be nice too. I love it.

  23. Glenda
    I would love to have a tutorial of the small bag. It will be perfect for the daughter of a friend.

  24. Jill Schaumloeffel says:

    Love this little bag. Don’t have a camera, but it is a great size for my EPP projects on the go. Thanks

  25. I would love a pattern for the cushy bag. That was a tease. Your fabric was perfect and I call it a whatever bag.

  26. I would love to have a tutorial of this bag. It would be perfect for shopping.

  27. Susan Caudill says:

    I would like to see a tutorial for the bag with measrements for bigger sizes. Maybe with a tab and button closer.

  28. I love this bag it is very unselfish of you to share both ways let alone one I would love to see one with a zipper. Thank you so much for sharing ! Sheila Coon

  29. mary lawson says:

    I would love a tute on the tiny size for a camera like yours. Thanks so much.

  30. Pat Davis says:

    Would love a tutorial for the small camera bag. Just bought a camera for my grandchild for Christmas and this would be perfect for that and I could monogram her name on it.

  31. sue wallace says:

    I would like a tutorial and pattern for the camera bag and also larger one

    Sue Wallace

  32. Yes I would like a tutorial on the little bag. And the fabric measurements.

  33. Yes, yes, and yes! I’d love to have a tutorial on this darling bag which could be used and adapted for many purposes. I have learned much for your tutorials and plan to make more of your projects in 2020! You are my first go-to site for sewing, bag-making, and quilting ideas! I really enjoy all your videos and your blogs–love your sense of humor. Thank you for what you have already given us, and thank you for this tutorial!

  34. Chris Wyrick says:

    LOVE the little cushy bag with looong straps just the way it is – pattern/tutorial, PLEASE! (Larger bag would be great, too!!)

    Also, thank you for the awesome rag quilt tute – great to make and share with littles (and bigs!) who need help staying warm this time of year! xoxo

  35. I would love a tutorial for the little bag. I have a camera also that needs a cute bag! Plus I could make one for my mini crochet projects to take to and from work.

  36. BrummieDeb says:

    This is gorgeous! I’d use this for a handbag if it had a magnetic flap – it’s lovely.

  37. I love the little bag just the way it is, would love a pattern Karen F.

  38. Jan Wettenhall says:

    Hi Caroline. Yes yes yes. Woul love this pattern & requirements to make for my grandchilren.

  39. Would love to have the pattern for your camera bag just the size that you have. Thank you

  40. Oh, yes! Would really like to see how you put this little bag together. A tutorial would be most appreciated. Thank you!

  41. Yes, I would love the pattern. It is great as is, but for me, I would add a shoulder strap and use it as a small purse for carrying my phone, sunglasses, etc.
    Love your patterns and designs – you are a very talented lady. Thanks.

  42. Brenda Jerles says:

    I love this little bag and the big one! I can’t wait to see the tutorial! I am such a bag addict! Or a bag lady! I love bags!.
    Thank you for your generosity!

  43. Regina Roza says:

    I think I’d get more use out of the larger one! Thanks!

  44. I love the pick and red roses fabric (and the script on pink). What are they? Where?

    1. Hi Darlene,
      The rose print is from Anna Griffin and the pink Calligraphy print is from QT Fabrics. I don’t know if either are still available. 🙂

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