A message to Well Meaning Friends

This is before I went blond, lol!

This is before I went blond, lol!

Dear Well-Meaning Friend,

I love to sew beautiful things using beautiful fabrics. I love making quilts, tote bags, clothes for my kids and for myself, all kinds of things, really. 


But there are some things that I don’t consider beautiful. Pants that need to be hemmed. Sleeves that need to be shortened. Your idea for a revolutionary new gadget that will keep a cast dry or a more functional eye patch.



Especially that knock off dress that you think will be cheaper if I sew it for you. (this is the story of how that will go…)


So when you ask me to sew for you I will probably say yes – the first time (unless it’s that dress).

But don’t think for a minute that you are doing me a favor by asking. You are not helping me to figure out what to sew next.

This image is yours to share! xoxo

This image is yours to share! xoxo

My ‘sew this next’ list is full already.

And there may even be something on it for you. 🙂 



P.S. Does it sound like I’m saying that I’m too busy to do everyone else’s mending, alterations, and custom sewing? Actually, I am – because someone’s mending takes away from time spent with my family and time spent at my business. I have a friend with her own housecleaning business. I would never call her up and ask her to clean my messy house simply because she could do it better – and then offer her $5 to cover supplies. But unfortunately, people don’t see what I do the same way. Maybe someday.

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