Watch my Bernina Q24 Longarm get Delivered!

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Bernina Q24 longarm quilter

The Bernina Q24 longarm quilting machine that I ordered way back in October was finally delivered!

If you remember, I attended Quilt Festival 2021 in Houston, Texas and took several longarm quilting classes with my friend Heather.

I already had a longarm quilting machine, but it wasn’t on a frame. It was a Bernina Q20 sit-down quilter installed on a large Koala table.

Bernina Q20 longarm

My Q20 Longarm on a Table

I absolutely LOVED my Q20 quilting machine and named her ‘Queen B.’ I even sewed her a custom cover!

With her huge 20” throat space, she made free motion quilting so much fun and easier than on a domestic sewing machine.

Quilt Festival in Houston

But then Heather convinced me to take longarm quilting classes with her at Quilt Festival and I began to consider putting my ‘Queen B’ on a longarm frame.

I called my Bernina dealer (The Inspired Sewist in Jupiter, Florida) while I was still in Houston and she proposed a very tempting offer. It was to trade in my Q20 and the Koala table for a larger Q24 machine on a frame. I hung up the phone, thought about it, attended another longarm class there at the Festival, and then called back and accepted!

Then the wait started. Because just about everything is delayed these days.

Finally I got a call from the Inspired Sewist and a delivery date for the Q24 longarm!

That is where the video begins. You can watch part of the video in the video player on this blog. The entire video is 8 minutes long so I had to put it on my YouTube channel.

Bernina Q24 longarm on the classic frame

They came and took away my beloved ‘Queen B’ Q20 quilting machine and left this gorgeous Bernina Q24 longarm on the 12′ Classic Frame. Watch the video to see how I got ready for it. Then see me quilting the first real quilt that I loaded on the frame. It’s my Charm Poppy Quilt (free pattern).

Someone is going to visit the Inspired Sewist and get a great deal on a gently used Q20 with a custom cover made by me!

Anyway, I have lots more quilts waiting to be quilted. I can’t wait to show you my progress and share the patterns with you. Do you use a longarm quilting machine (on a frame or a table)? Let me know what you think in the comments!


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