You can sew these with just a plain straight stitch and leave it like that – or take this chance to see what the other stitches on your sewing machine might look like!

These are super easy to sew up, so even though you could probably figure it out with just a few instructions, I’m excited to provide free templates and some step by step photos too.


fabric scraps

felt scraps


fabric pen

pretty thread

plastic snaps

basting spray

Download and print the free templates here. Print at 100% to make pouches the same size as mine – feel free to reduce or enlarge the pattern if you want to!

Optional: Cut out the paper templates and glue them to cardstock if you’d like to use them to make a lot of pouches.

Tap the link below to download the pattern for Bit O' Kindness pouches pattern!

Try this Bit O' Kindness Pouches now! Swipe up for full tutorial.