Sewing Pattern Review: Elf Pop Puppies soft toys



There are a lot of soft plushie patterns for kids toys, but these little dogs were so cute, I had to sew them. I think this sweet style of floppy handmade dolls will be the ‘raggedy ann’ of this generation. I decided to try Elf Pop’s Dog Pattern for someone’s birthday and they were a hit!

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Elf Pop sewing patterns are very well written and come from Raynor in Scotland whose designs include charming little girl and boy dolls as well as some adorable animals.

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The instructions are very thorough and even provide little tips like using fabric glue for attaching your felt pieces before you sew them on. I didn’t happen to have fabric glue on hand, but one of my kids’ glue sticks worked great. 🙂



I admit my choice of fabrics is kind of crazy. I was going for a cute dalmatian look with bright accents, but maybe it’s too busy. It doesn’t really matter, though because I know my kids will love them. Hug them, kiss them, sleep with them, even fight over who gets to hold them. It doesn’t matter how many toys we are tripping over, someone always wants what the other one is holding.


Don’t you just love those floppy arms and limbs? They are all over the place!


Here are Elf Pop’s little people dolls in case you’re not as enamored by the critters as I am. Can you get over those hairstyles? There’s one that would be just right for each of my kids.

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