Making Little Snack Sacks without a serger <3


I love this sewing little things! These little pouches are so totally adorable and fun to use. Kids love having their own little portion of goodies and I love to save money by buying big packages of things instead of the ones that they put in little packages for you.

I used Roselee’s Teeny Tiny Snack Sack tutorial on her blog ‘Jane of all Trades”. This tutorial is totally sweet because she does all the measuring and figures out all the details. So if you follow her instructions you’ll have no problem at all. 

And I’m here to show you that you don’t need to have a serger because I have one and I ended up not using it on most of them. Here’s why…



I thought it would be really cool to use laminated fabric (oilcloth) and cut out all my inside and outside pieces…


And my serger hated it! The regular presser foot would not work at all because the top layer of oilcloth got stuck on it and just bunched up. So then I tried switching to the shirring foot without touching the differential feed (which is what makes the bottom layer gather when using this foot). It worked great on the very first step because the top layer didn’t get caught on the foot anymore. Then my genius brain thought ahead a bit more and realized I wouldn’t be able to use this foot on the rest of the sack, so I ditched my serger completely and finished on my sewing machine.


I had lots of fun seeing how the different stitches would work. This one was my favorite.


The basic zig-zag looked pretty good too.


I even tried straight stitch, since I’m not worried about the oilcloth ever fraying. My sewing machine actually struggled a bit with it so I switched back to the ‘utility’ stitches. Strange, but whatever. I do what works. 🙂


So there you go! Don’t shy away from this tute because you might not have a serger. The little bit of fabric and hour or less you will spend are sooo worth the adorable result.

Happy snacking!

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