Button Necklace Kids Craft


Here’s something fun to do with your girls and you probably already have everything you need: Embroidery floss (or string) and buttons. Of course you could do it with your boys too if they like this kind of thing. It would make a nice gift and the exercise is good for little hands. Because it involves small objects, this activity is not intended for children under age 3. 


I used pearl cotton from Hobby Lobby and a handful of these sweet wooden buttons. But any button with at least 2 large-ish holes will work fine.


First cut about 2 yards of string or thread. The necklace is 2 strands thick so fold it in half. At the end, make a knot to form a loop that is just big enough for your end button to fit through. This will make the closure. Set your end button aside for last. (this does not matter if all your buttons are the same size. 

Tie one more knot in the thread about 1/2” away from the first knot for spacing.  (see pictures below)


String a button onto the thread through one button hole and out the other. Since these wooden flower buttons have such cute openings in the petals, I used those instead.


Push the button all the way to the second knot and then thread the second strand through the same holes going the opposite direction. Pull it all the way through and your button should be securely woven between the strands of string or cotton. 


Tie two knots: one to hold the first button in place, and another knot  about 1/2” away for spacing.  Then string on your next button.


Continue alternating one button with every two knots until you reach the end of your string or your necklace is the desired length. The last button is not woven in between the string, but is simply tied on so it can fit through the loop at the other end to close the necklace. Trim away extra string and done!


Have fun making this sweet necklace either for or with your little girlie girl. By the way, I made the top she is wearing here from the Madelyn Top pattern from Violette Field Threads.

Happy Summer! 



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