Guest Post: Crystal makes a Custom Sheet!

Oh, SHEET! Did I get your attention? Well good! My name is Crystal and I’m from Ginger Dimples! I’m super excited about this project based on the Crib/toddler sheet tutorial by MADE featured here on SewCanShe.

When I was looking for a project for this post, I didn’t have to look long. My poor son is the victim of hand-me-down assault. He barely got anything brand new to call his very own and that includes his crib sheets. His old crib sheets were previously white, but after 2 years with my heavy wetting daughter on them, no amount of bleach, sunlight or prayers was going to make them sparkle again. But, I’m on a tight budget. If the bacteria is dead and the elastic works, I’m hanging on to it. It’s gotten to the point of ridiculousness, though. If anyone babysits, I’m facing a world of embarrassment. I’ve had this sheet tutorial on my to-do list for a while, but until now had put it off. My boy has Sew Can She to thank for something shiny and new. I really love the way this project turned out and I’m definitely making more.


The base tutorial was amazing and the photo of the sheet piece is really where the magic begins. I looked at it as a brain teaser puzzle that I just needed to figure out. With a little math, a little cutting and a run through my machine, I got something totally custom and super fun! Who says that you’ll never use high school algebra once you’ve graduated? Obviously not crafters!


You’ve probably seen items like this online and maybe in stores. They can run about $25. With 2 yards each of 2 coordinating fabrics and some pre-made piping, I was able to make this for $24! BOO YA! But really I wasn’t looking for a cheap design, I was looking for something custom. I find making my own items serves a double purpose anyway: I get to have a little fun AND update my decor. I’d also like to point out that there was plenty of fabric left over for some decorative pillows or maybe even some fun ModPodge canvas art. You really do get more for your money, you just have to think a little outside of the box. Either way, I absolutely love the outcome of my hard work.

If you’re wondering, the fabrics I used were both Cotton Loft prints purchased at Hancock Fabrics. The piping is Wright’s brand .5″ wide and I used two 2.5 yard packages.


If you haven’t been convinced to make this project yet, try measuring it’s success in Zzzzz’s. I’m sure you can see, that this is a definite winner.


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