15 Quick Sewing Gifts for Any Occasion: Free Patterns

You need a quick gift, and lucky for everyone, you know how to sew! Sewing gifts can be a fun and economical way to show your love and appreciation.

There is always something going on where a gift is needed or would just be nice. I’m talking about holidays, birthdays, thank yous, and the end of school (teacher appreciation gifts). Quick-sew gifts like these are just the thing! I love having a list like this one handy for baby showers, graduations, and other little events that are always popping up. These are my tried and true, easy sewing gifts that I make over and over again – and people love them! No matter who you need to sew for – I bet you’ll find something here.

Wrist Strap Keychains

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Seriously – these get old and then people ask me to make them a new one. So really, the free tutorial never gets old!


Little Bow Headbands or headbands without the bow are a must-have accessory that you can customize for any recipient. The stretchy elastic at the back makes it fit anyone, too!

Rice-Filled Neck Warmers

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I stitched these up for teacher Christmas gifts one year, but natural neck warmers are always a hit no matter what the season. Who couldn’t use some stress relief, right?

Fast and Easy Drawstring Backpacks

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Fast and Easy Drawstring Backpack. I have had so many people email me saying that they sewed these little bags for their grandkids – and they were a hit! So happy to have helped.

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A cute apron is a great gift for someone who loves to cook. Depending on your fabric choice, I think anyone could love cooking in this sweet apron with pockets.

Easy Card Wallet

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This is another fast sewing gift that you can stick a gift card in and be a winner. It even uses scraps. Once you start making easy card wallets, you won’t be able to stop!

DIY Photo Pillows

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Cute photo pillows from the store are nice, but how about gorgeous digitally printed photos of your own kids (and dog)? Custom photo pillows are the perfect present for anyone in the family.

Big Pocket Baby Clutch

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A baby clutch like this one is the perfect gift to sew for a new mom or a mom with lots of kids already who has nothing cute to carry baby stuff in!

A Personalized Pillowcase

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Grab a yard of fabric and make a pillowcase that your special person will love. This easy pillowcase tutorial is perfect for beginners.

Two Sided Zips

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One of my most popular sewing tutorials, this double-sided zipper pouch can hold a phone, ID, and a bit of cash. Stuff a gift card inside, and who wouldn’t love this?

Patchwork Potholders

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Use this free sewing pattern to sew a cute patchwork potholder! This clever design has pockets so your fingers will never get burned.

DIY Journaling Bookmark and Pen Keeper

journaling bookmark
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This easy sewing project is jelly roll friendly because it uses 2 1/2’’ strips. You can also personalize the pieces with machine embroidery before sewing them together. Pair a stretchy bookmark with a notebook, and you have a wonderful gift!

Pocket Tissue Pack Holder

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These easy DIY pocket tissue holders make a thoughtful gift! They have a hanging loop and are awesome for keeping in your purse, car, bedroom, office, bathroom, or anywhere you would need a tissue.

Bowl Cozy

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A soup bowl cozy is the greatest invention since the microwave! It’s a cozy little cover for your bowl to help keep hands from being burned after heating soup, noodles, leftovers, or even cooking a potato. This free pattern includes three sizes, so you can sew lots using fabric yardage, scraps, fat quarters, or even layer cake squares.

Petit Four Baskets

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Are you looking for a cute way to organize a messy drawer – or an instant handmade gift basket that’s just the right size for little goodies? I made these three little baskets in just over an hour and loved them too much to give away. I used leftover squares from a Tula Pink Homemade Layer Cake.

And there you go – my best DIY easy sewing gifts!

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