14 Beautiful Handles to Sew and Use

Handles and straps can be the trickiest part of sewing a bag or purse. Trim your project right by following one of the easy tutorials below. I have put together 14 free patterns for projects that will help you master sewing handles. Keep reading to see them all.

Perfect Bag Handles.jpeg


Making fabric handles for your purses and bags is so helpful. It means you can finish your project with supplies you already have. I love sewing something without a trip to the store. And I’m confident you will love these Perfect Fabric Purse Handles

Clip on handles.jpeg


Sometimes a bag calls for Clip On Tote Bag Handles. I love the changeability of a clip-on strap. Make several sets so you can customize the look of your accessory.

japanese handles.jpeg


Japanese Style Fabric Handles can quickly elevate the look of a tote with a contrasting fabric or made in an accent color.



If you’re looking for a tutorial for a tote with simple leather strap handles, look no further. I call this my Strappy Tote.

faux leather.png


Here’s a reader favorite Faux Leather Bag Handles tutorial with lots of helpful information and detailed instructions. Perfect for your first time making this kind of purse strap.

diy straps.jpg

Here’s another variation on Clip On Bag Straps. Of course, they could be sewn directly to a tote or crossbody, without needing clips. But I admit I love the little bit of shine that the metal clip adds. It’s jewelry for your purse.


Of course, there are lots of things to sew with handles that aren’t purses or totes. A recent favorite is the DIY Woven Basket . The handles are optional and could basket handles.jpgalso be made with lots of different materials.

miracle caddy.jpg


Another recent project that turned out awesome is the Miracle Caddy. The handles and many pockets make it super user-friendly and practical. I always have it nearby now. How did I live without it?

lunch tote handles.jpeg


I’ve made several Chubby Lunch Totes, and the handles are the perfect length to put your arm through when you have other things to carry. Picture getting out of the car after a long day with a purse, grocery bags, water bottle, etc. It’s always great when I can take everything in one trip.



Another look at the Japanese Style Handles is in my Scrapyard Tote. Scroll down to the bottom of the post if you only need the handle info.

rope handles.jpg


This shopping bag is adorable. It can also be reversible depending on how you line it, but it’s the rope handles that really make it stand out. Roomy Shopping Bag with Cute Rope Handles

caraftizen handles.jpg


I was thrilled the day I finished my very own For Pleat’s Sake Tote. The handles are from Craftizen on Etsy and they add just the right touch.

thrifted handles.jpeg


Don’t forget the option of re-using Thrifted Handles. They could make an old favorite bag new again, or elevate the look of a new bag with the perfect finishing (and thrifty) touch.

So, now you have 14 ideas for handles for your projects. Please share by tagging @sewcanshe on Instagram if you’re stitching something inspired by my site. I love seeing your creativity.

Happy Sewing!


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